Saturday, March 22, 2014


Hello Friends,
I've been taking a little break from the blog. I've been busy with work and family and haven't made much time to post here. I have been posting a few pictures a day on Instagram. It is so quick and easy to just snap a photo on my phone and post it. If you are on Instagram please follow me! My IG name is kayteejaneshouse - easy to remember huh?

There haven't been any estate sales, church sales or yard sales around my area at all these past few months - just too cold and dreary I guess. I can't wait for spring to kick in so that sales pick up again. I'm also really looking forward to going to flea markets again. I can't wait!

This past weekend I did manage to go to a few thrift stores. Pickings at the thrift stores have been lean, but I did manage to find a few things after hitting about three different stores. Here is my haul from last Saturday.

Some of this will be for sale but I have decided to keep the milk glass basket - it already has jelly beans in it, the yellow Pyrex bowl and the drinking glasses.

I have also been playing with my Pyrex. Here is my attempt at a spring display. I added this cute metal cabinet to my dining room recently and I'm using it right now to hold some of my Pyrex.

I'm always on the look out for cool display pieces to show off my collections. I am maxed-out right now with furniture but when I see a great display piece my wheels start turning. Just this morning I saw this amazing old store display for sale as part of an estate sale ad on Craigslist.
Be still my heart. I love it! This is the picture that was posted in the ad. Of course the piece is miles away from where I live and also a tad bit pricey - so it is doubtful that this beauty will be mine. Oh well. I can dream right? I can just imagine all of the Pyrex bowls I could stack on there!

Until later - happy Spring and happy vintage!

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