Monday, March 16, 2015

Recent Finds

This weekend was the first estate sale that I have been to since winter began. It did not disappoint! I was lucky enough to find these pink beauties - pieces that I did not already have. Just in time for Easter and Spring.

I also bought a stack of vintage linen dish towels. I love vintage towels - so soft and the graphics are the best.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Also bought this Snowflake Garland lidded dish. I am going to use it to hold salt on my counter.

All in all I think I did great for my first estate sale of the season!

I also hit a few thrift shops this weekend. I bought these. Not sure if I will keep them or not. The longer they sit here the more tempted I am to keep them.  I already have so many drinking glasses that it is hard to justify 8 more - but these look so good with my Pyrex. :)

Did you find anything good this weekend? Please share!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring is Sprouting Up

Today the weather broke - less cold, more sun.

Spring is sprouting up...a little at a time...both outside and in.

No Easter yet, just a few little touches that show Spring is on the way.

I bought this little doll dresser at a flea market this past weekend. I've always wanted one. A shamrock hankie and a little pixie welcome St. Patty's Day.

A garden elf planter and some spring Pyrex.

Pens in milk glass pots waiting to be used in my journaling bible journaling - {a new hobby}.

Spring Blossom Pyrex and a cute plastic butter dish found at the thrift store.

Daisies from Trader Joes and milk glass - the perfect combo! They last for weeks and make me smile.

A new handmade wreath for the door.

These tablecloths have been stored away all winter in an old dresser. When I sold the dresser last week they were stacked on this chair until I figure out a new place to store them. I realized that it is crazy to own all of these lovely tablecloths and not use them. None of them are "perfect". Many of them show small stains and are super soft from years of use and washing - all the more reason to use them and change them out often!

The first of the tablecloths to make it onto the table - this spring beauty showcasing tulips!

Shamrocks {thanks again Trader Joes} in a vintage planter. 

 A cute vintage milk glass mug found at the thrift store - my favorite kind! {candle sticks in the background are vintage McCoy}

Enjoying the little things!

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