Thursday, November 25, 2010


Hello Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for stopping by today. I am thankful for each and every one of you who have taken the time to support me and encourage me.

If you participated in my Attitude of Gratitude challenge I hope it made you feel blessed for everything you have. Don't let your attitude stop, continue it each and every day!

It is hard for me to narrow down what I am thankful for to just 5. I don't want to bore you with a long list. I'm going to list 5 simple things that I am thankful for today. These are in addition to thanking the Lord each and every day for Mark, Gaby, Hannah, my family & my friends.

1. Hugs - I love it when my kids hug me. Their hugs have meaning behind them. Each hug says "I Love You Mom". Kisses are great, but I love hugs!

2. Quiet Time - I savor those few moments each day. Sometimes it happens in the morning when I wake up and the rest of the house is still sleeping. No TV, no phone, nobody asking me to get them something or do something. Just quiet. It usually doesn't last very long, but I look forward to it whenever it comes.

3.  Clean Sheets - OK, I know I sound ridiculous, but one of the best things in the world is lying down on your bed after a long day, especially when you have just changed the sheets!

4. Laughter - That deep, crazy laughter that makes you feel so good. The kind where tears come out of your eyes. This life is tough, laughter makes it better.

5. My Faith - I'm so thankful that for a God who is the same yesterday, today and always. I love who He is, even when I don't always love who I am.

God Bless & Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. I LOVE CLEAN SHEETS TOO! I thought it was just me...maybe a family thing! Love, Rach


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