Sunday, November 7, 2010

Trip to Kraynak's

Each Christmas season it is a family tradition to travel to Hermitage, PA to visit Kraynaks. Kraynaks is a retail store that sells holiday decorations, plants, toys & candy. Although all of that stuff is great, we don't go there to shop but instead we go to see their annual Christmas display. The display is described on their website as "A 300 feet long avenue of sights and sounds to delight children and adults alike".

There is a special area inside the store devoted specifically to the display. When you arrive at Kraynaks you either enter the store to shop or you get in the display line.   The line can sometimes extend out the front door. The display is open each Christmas and Easter season and it is decorated differently each year. Think department store windows but without glass fronts...complete with piped-in music and scented air fresheners. The people who manage Kraynaks are retail geniuses too! Viewing the display is free, but while you are waiting in line to get to the actual display they route you through the middle of the toy department - usually with a few kids in tow. At the end of the display you walk right into their Christmas decorations area, where you can buy any of the great ornaments, lights, trees and toys that you just oohed and awhed over in the display.

It is commercialism at its finest and it is a Harley tradition.

Loving the Peanuts characters

Hannah & Gaby

I think this is supposed to be Sally of the Peanuts gang

Hannah poses with Dora & Boots

love these pink trees - so girly!

Toy Story tree

This display is so cute with animated eskimos & igloo

Me and my two best buddies

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  1. That place looks like fun! I can see why it is a tradition ;)


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