Monday, January 31, 2011

5 Valentine's Day Crafts - Project #3

Project #3 - Valentine's Paper Bag Scrapbook

Here is a fun and easy project that lets you be creative without all the pressure of completeing a full-blown scrapbook. These make great gifts and you can use up lots of scraps, ribbons & ephemera you've collected over time.

3 lunch-size paper bags. (The red bags came from Target)
Hole Punch
Glue Stick
Sewing Machine
Misc. Papers & Ribbons
Optional: eyelets or metal binder rings

Step #1
Take the 3 lunch bags and lay them on top of each other alternating the direction of the opening. (See photo)

 Step #2
Locate the middle and then sew a seam down the middle to hold all the bags together.

Step #3:
After the bags are sewn together, fold the book in half - pressing down to form a binding. Once your bags are into book form, punch holes down the left side binding. You can put ribbon through these holes or use metal rings or eyelets.

Step #4
Decorate the pages. I gathered up a bunch of paper scraps, stickers, old greeting cards & rubber stamps to decorate my book.

If you are giving the book as a completed scrapbook - add photographs to the pages.

You may want to make the scrapbook without photographs and give it as a gift like that. The recipient can then add their own photos later.

Be creative! Add your favorite verses, scripture, memories or lists of things you love about the person you are giving this to. Just write directly on paper using a fine line pen. This project is supposed to be fun - not overly stressful.

Here is my completed book.
I did not put photos in this book - as I am going to give it away.
I left room on each page for a photo.

The openings in the bags can be used to store little goodies like extra photos, gift cards or love notes.

To make a tab on the bag opening, I stapled pieces of folded ribbon or paper to one side of the bag.

Now go make one for yourself!
After Valentine's Day consider making one of these for a baby shower, wedding shower, Mother's Day or to honor your best friend.

Leave me a comment to let me know what your ideas/thoughts are.


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