Saturday, February 5, 2011

5 Valentine's Day Crafts - Project #5

Here is the last project in the Valentine's Day craft series.

Project #5 - Decorated Heart Boxes

This is a great project that will up-cycle those used heart-shaped candy boxes.

Here are the boxes before.
If you don't have a heart-shaped box to use, check your local thrift store.

 Heart #1 - Pink Box:

Heart shaped candy box
white glue
hot glue
scrapbook paper
spray adhesive
Exacto knife

Step #1
Spray a liberal amount of Spray Adhesive over the surface of the box lid and then lay the sticky side down on the wrong side of a piece of scrapbook paper.
Repeat with the bottom of the box.

Step #2:
Using an Exacto Knife, trim any excess paper from around the outside of the box, top and bottom.
Step #3:
Measure the depth of the box. Cut another piece of scrapbook paper to cover this part of the box. You may need several pieces to cover the entire diameter of the box. I used white craft glue to adhere.

Step #4
Using a hot glue gun,attach lace trim around the top and bottom of the box.

Step #5:
Embellish as you like using rubber stamps, stickers, paper scraps, etc.

Here is the finished heart. I decided to sell this one. It is already with its new owner.

Heart #2 - Velvet Heart
This box was pretty already so all I did to make it more fancy was add some vintage ribbon and an altered flower.

heart shaped box
silk flower
fabric glue
hot glue
heart-shaped pin

Step #1
Take apart the silk flower so all that you have is flat petals.

Step #2
Using fabric glue, begin gluing the petals to the upper corner of the box. 
In between the petals I added 2 pieces of lace, laid in an X.

Step #3
After glueing on all the petals, I added a decorative pin to the middle of the flower.
I used hot glue to attach it to the flower.

Step #4
After I attached the flower, I thought that the box looked too plain. I decided to add a piece of lace to the front of the box.
(I really should have done this step first before attaching the flower.)

Here is the finished result.
I think it turned out pretty. It will sit on my mantle as decoration.

I hope you enjoyed all 5 Valentine projects.
Let me know in the comments if you made any of the crafts and how they turned out.

Stop back soon for more house and decorating pictures.


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