Friday, February 11, 2011

Heart To Heart Swap

At one of my favorite blogs: Makin' Projects, Sarah hosted a Valentine's Day swap.
Each person was to make 14 hand-made Valentines to exchange. At the end of the swap you would receive 14 different Valentines made from people around the country. 

This is the Valentine I contributed:
A bag sewn out of old book pages.

I was blown away by the Valentines that I received.
Here they are fresh out of the package.

Here they are close up:

This awesome banner is from Michaele. It is already on display. Love it.
This cutie is from Jane.
I love how she turned a mini tart into a picture holder.

Mikey sent this gilded beauty - made with real feathers.

I love this one - inside and out! Here is the outside.
(An awesome red and white heart ornament that is embellished with a red button.)

Inside the bag was this treasure. A hand-made necklace.

Shara made this stunner.
This how I received it.
 This is what surprised me when I opened that little box. I didn't expect that!!!
I love the pink glitter.Thank You Shara.

Kim made this awesome vintage-inspired candy box.
Yes, the box did have candy in it!
 Look at how she added these little 3-D details. Check out those envelopes.

A fabric heart made by Courtney.
Inside the envelope is a little card that says "Friend". So sweet.

 I love this crocheted heart made by Sara. Awesome.

 A miniature, hand-stamped note pad by Shannon.

This adorable elephant was made by Coleen.
My daughter loved this one.

A sweet valentine made of paper doilies.

 Tiff made this great squirrel. I hope you can see all the stitches sewn on.
I love how he is holding a silver acorn. Very unique!

 Sarah sent this lovely bird. I will cherish this one. He is already at home amongst my pottery bird collection - safely tucked away behind glass front doors. Love it!

If you liked these Valentines, Sarah is hosting a giveaway for a chance to win all of these cuties. Visit her blog to enter.

I am always amazed and humbled by the amount of talented people there are in the world. Please take some time to visit their websites by clicking on the links I provided.

Also spread a little love by leaving some comments.

Thank you to everyone who made me these lovely Valentines.
I will cherish them!

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  1. HI there Katy! I'm so glad you enjoy the banner- I had so much fun making them!

    My friend Shannon made the notepad- her Etsy shop is here:

    I LOVE the pouch you made- sewing paper is one of my next "to-do's" so wish me luck!

    Happy Valentine's to you and thank you again for your contribution to this wonderful swap!


  2. Hi - I loved the pouch youmade - so sweet and unique! I am happy that you liked my little "My Dear" boxes. The idea came to me out of the blue, so I went with it. Happy that it as well received! I posted about the swap on my blog too.


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