Friday, March 18, 2011

Picture Jars

Here is an idea I saw in a magazine.
I thought it was cute so I tried it with some of my own pictures.

Find some vintage glass canning jars.
For one of the jars I used a flower frog to hold the photograph up inside the jar.

In the other jar I didn’t need to put anything inside because the photo was large enough to stand inside the jar without help.

This jar holds a picture of my grandmother Hulda and her sister Martha.

This jar holds a picture of my dad when he was a boy and in a band.

Sitting proudly on display - out of a box and out where all can see and admire.
Until Tomorrow,
Update: I received a question in my comments asking where I got the jars. I bought these jars at an estate auction last summer. At the auction there were several boxes of canning jars up for bid. Before the auction started, I looked through most of the boxes and there was only one box with vintage jars. When the time came to bid on the boxes, I had to "fight" to get the box of vintage jars against an Amish man who was also buying canning jars. He was buying all types of jars and didn't seem to care if they were vintage or not. Fortunately for me, I was the victor of the box of old jars- at a steep $4 for the entire box :) - Since that time I have seen similar jars in antique stores. They are usually very affordable. I liked these because the glass was clear and the jars have unique shapes. The other jars that I have left will probably be used in my kitchen to store dry goods.
Thanks for the great question!

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  1. I love this!! And it keeps the photos safe too.

    Do you mind sharing where you got your jars? I like the look of them.

  2. @Tiff

    Tiff - I updated the post to answer your question. Thanks for the great idea. Katie


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