Saturday, May 14, 2011

Being Schooled on Saturday Sales

One reason I love going "junking" each week is the ability to make such a small amount of money stretch such a long way. Most of the items I buy are very inexpensive, so I can start out with $20 and come home with several bags of goodies. For a girl who loves to shop, but hasn't always had tons of money to spend, thrift shopping satisfies my materialism, entertains me for a day, decorates my house and is also a lot of fun in the process. Not only can you score vintage or older things, it is a great way to buy toys, clothing, household goods, craft supplies and many other things at a fraction of retail. You just have to have an open mind and an adventuresome spirit. I found this cute vintage doll for $1 at a church sale. Love her outfit.
Each Saturday starts out the same for our family. We usually make a list of which sales we want to hit and on Saturday we get up early, dress in casual clothes and hit the road. Sales are usually listed in the Pennysaver or on Craigslist. I have also been known to follow a random sign for miles hoping to score something neat. My daughters get in on the act too, looking for Bratz dolls or a game they don't already have. My favorite type of sale to go to is an Estate Sale. These are the sales where an entire house's contents are for sale. I also like the neighborhood yard sales too. These are great because you can park your car and walk to several sales along a street or plan. Because I love to buy vintage things, I am sort of particular about which neighborhood sales I will shop at. I don't typically go to housing plans where the homes are newer and more expensive. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing bad about these sales. However in my experience I usually don't find too many antiques or vintage items at newer homes, so I avoid them pretty much. They are good if you are looking for toys, baby stuff or  household items. Not exactly sure why this is except that many of the people who live in these types of homes are younger families. I could be missing out on some good junk with this thinking, let me know if you have a different experience.

A great hand-embroidered table scarf. I will probably make this into a curtain. It was 50 cents.
I prefer to go to sales in middle-class neighborhoods that are well established. These are the best places to score good vintage junk. If you can find a sale in the home of an older person who is looking to downsize, then you will most likely find something cool. Today we hit a sale at an older home. Most everything that was for sale was vintage and with cheap prices! I bought these Fire King bowls for 25₵ each. I also bought an entire box (40+) of vintage sewing patterns for $4.00. These will be used in craft projects. I love the great graphics on the packages from the 1960's.

I also bought these fabric remnants there for 50₵ each. Much cheaper than at the fabric store. My daughters want to learn to sew. I won't mind too much if they cut this fabric wrong when it was so inexpensive to start with.

 These last 2 items were found close to home at a retail store that hosts a sale before shop hours on Saturday that they call a "garage sale". At this sale the store owner sells "dead" merchandise at deeply discounted prices. The store is located across from a Dunkin' Donuts. While I was in DD getting my morning caffeine shot, my hubby was shopping at the "garage sale". If he hadn't have gone there, I would have skipped it. I figured I wouldn't find anything there because of it being a gift shop. Well I was schooled today. He found this awesome door push-bar from the original grocery store that used to be located in that building. It is for Town Talk Break. These go for high dollar on Ebay so we might sell it, but we are considering keeping it to put on our own door. We like those great old advertising signs that are a little piece of long-gone local history.

These also came from there. I have been looking for these for months to use in craft projects to sell. They also sell for more than I want to spend on eBay. I paid $3 for the entire box. See, thinking "outside the box" sometimes and visiting sales you normally wouldn't go to can yield some great finds.

You may think I might be one of those people you see on the show "Hoarders" based on all the junk I bring home. Well, I also get rid of stuff regularly too. Some things I use for a while, enjoy and then pass on to someone else. I donate to charity and I also sell at yard sales, flea markets and online. I use some things that I buy in craft projects too. I do have to make an effort to purge now and then so that my home doesn't become too cluttered. But to me it is mainly the thrill of the hunt that I enjoy so much. If you live local, I am selling a lot of things that I no longer want anymore at a yard sale next Saturday May 21st. The address is 38 Crystal Drive, Oakmont PA if you are interested. I sell mostly older, vintage things.

So, get out there and hit some sales. No matter what you treasure, collect or are looking to buy, you just never know what you might find. Yard sales and garage sales are a great way to get out and be social with your neighbors and find some great deals!

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  1. Hi! Just hopped over from Treasures and Trinkets party! You had some wonderful finds! Love the cute doll and the Anagrams especially!

  2. LOVE those fire king bowls..oh my you got a wonderful deal!! :) I love going to yard sales...we find the best stuff for pennies!
    Thanks for linking up to my Treasures and Trinkets party!

  3. Your doll looks familiar but I know I did not have one. Hard to tell the type of plastic from a photo but my guess is 70s?
    It is still hard for me to consider 70s and 80s vintage. I need to adjust my thinking.
    90% of my crafting supplies came preowned.


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