Thursday, May 26, 2011


I have finished painting my family room. Gone are the dark red walls and sectional sofa. The "Red Room" is now just "The Family Room".

This is a small room. The lighter walls and new furniture make it feel bigger. This is the room where we watch television and spend most of our time together.

We got rid of our tan sectional sofa. I will never buy another sectional again. They are just so big and bulky. We offered it up for free on Craigslist and got 15 calls within the first 10 minutes after posting it. Crazy! In its place are 2 EKTORP couches from Ikea. Love the removeable slip covers on those couches...perfect for a home with 2 kids. These were bought used from Craigslist.

The shelves have been filled with collectibles and family photos.

Some of my cream colored pottery and my collection of vintage cameras & old glass inkwells.

This is my collection of metal picnic tins. Years back I saw a similar collection on the pages of Martha Stewart Living. I swear that magazine has inspired so many collections for me over the years. I don't see these around too much at flea markets or yard sales. I usually scoop them up when I see them.

My hubby works for a sign manufacturer. Sometimes he brings home some neat things that are being discarded. This H sign was taken off the side of a bank building to make way for a new sign.

Old washboards replace traditional art.

Thanks for taking a tour! I enjoyed your visit.

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