Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cursive Writing

When I was a child I remember being taught cursive writing in elementary school. Although it was tedious and a little boring to learn, I'm so glad that I know how to do it. Sadly, this is something that students don't spend much time learning anymore. If it is taught, it is given a low priority after all the other subjects that our kids need to know. I'm wondering if at some point cursive writing will just be a thing of the past.

I found 2 of these antique school books from 1896 at an antique store.
These books show how important good penmanship was 100 years ago.

The student who used them inscribed on the cover - "Finished Friday March 27th, 1896"

This was back in the day when cursive writing was your calling card - done with ink and a metal quill pen (another collection that I have).

Take a look at these beautiful pages. I am sharing some of my favorites.

Letter C - Control your temper.

Letter L - Let your light shine.

Letter J - Join in the chorus

Letter U - Unspoken words do no harm.

Letter Z - Your last page must be best. (I guess they couldn't come up with a good sentence beginning with Z. No matter. This is a great advice.)

I love how moral values were taught along with the writing!

Let's keep cursive writing alive and well.
Go and write someone a letter in your best penmanship!
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  1. At Verona Elementary we used the Peterson Writing System. I remember it well and I think that class was the beginning of my "obsessive-compulsive" disorder. Everything just had to be perfect.

  2. Reminds me of both of my Grandmother's writing. I still have letters from them, somewhere. I remember Grandma Stang took her time, especially for Sunday School writing. Nothing like today!

  3. What an interesting post!! (My son barely learned cursive at school, so I worked with him on it all summer!)


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