Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Yellow Playhouse

When I was a little girl I was so envious of another girl who lived on my street. You see, she had a cool little playhouse in her backyard that was painted pink and sported a dutch door. Although I grew up pretty spoiled - we even had a pool - I always longed for a playhouse. What little girl doesn't?

When I became a mom to two little girls of my own, I thought about that playhouse again. My husband promised me that he would build our girls one. It seemed like such a huge undertaking to build one from scratch and years went by and we never seemed to have the money or time to start it. Both girls worked their way through elementary school and still no playhouse. We decided that we had better get that playhouse built or the girls would be too "old" to enjoy it.

Finally last summer the playhouse became a reality.

Take a look from start to finish.

The framework

This is what it looked like with almost everything on the exterior finished and painted. The color is the same yellow as our house.

We gave it the house number 610 1/2 because our real address is 610.

A little porch light. It actually works.

All lit up at night.

Of course the inside is just as cute as the outside. I made sure to fill it with some vintage dishes and decor found at yard sales. What fun! Maybe I'll post some pics some time.

I think once the girls are done using it I may just move in myself.


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  1. Every little girl's dream. It's beautiful.

  2. I love that little house! What a wonderful memory you're making for your girls. I'd love to see the inside as I'm sure it's better decorated than my house :)
    Katie Lascola

  3. I absolutely love it! I am so jealous!

  4. Oh my goodness! You and hubby did an amazing job!

    I could have written that post. I had the same dream.....the same reasons for putting it off. And, this summer my hubby built one for us....and I decorated vintage...and I'm blogging on it tomorrow...too funny all we have in common!

  5. Hope your computer is well soon.

    I love your playhouse! We have one that came with the house. Baby Bee and I are talking about turning it into a girls house only (like the regular house isn't already kind of that way) except for when we need bugs killed in it. Then boys will be allowed. I am excited to give it a try. Sure wish we had a bit of electricity out there in our house. That would be fun! I hope to get some work done on ours in the next few weeks while we can still enjoy it. And oh, I am totally going to borrow your address and 1/2 idea! Love it!


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