Monday, November 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Decorations

I love to decorate for all of the holidays. Here is what is out for Thanksgiving.

Kitchen shelves.
The great thing about open shelving in your kitchen is you can change what is on display according to color, holiday, season, whatever! It can be lots of fun.

These metal trays are one of my favorite vintage collections. I love the bright colors. I was lucky enough to find all three with leaf designs. Each of these were found at different places over several years. Collecting is fun like that. You find something you love and then from there on out you are on the lookout for another to add to the collection. When you find another it is a happy day! 

Turkey Plates:
I found these English transferware plates at a yard sale. They aren't old but I really like them. Vintage cookie cutters, an Anchor Hocking apple & a turkey candle are part of the display this year. 

These old spice tins were found at a barn sale for $1 each. I think they make great Thanksgiving decorations for the kitchen.

This vintage chocolate box was bought last Thanksgiving at an antique store in Virginia.

This tin is a new addition - yesterday to be exact! Bought at Goodwill. I like the brown and tan leaves. It is not very old, but I love the graphics. It cost $1.99.

I like to use old flower frogs to display cards, photos and other small paper items around the house. This is a recipe from my Grandma's recipe box written in her own handwriting. Grandma is with the Lord now, but when I look at this recipe I feel like I am still in her kitchen learning how to bake.

These old candles were my mom's when I was growing up. Another fun reminder from my childhood.

Some old post cards and an old (politically incorrect) flash card.

I love Thanksgiving!


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  1. I love your decorations! You did a great job of putting things together in an attractive manner.

    Of course, as usual when I visit your blog, I'm playing "I SPY" to see how many things in your display I also own. :)

  2. Your decorations look so fabulous together. I love those trays! I call that serendipity - when you find them in different places but they all go together beautifully!

  3. I do something similar, and your display is so unique and personal-- thank you for sharing it! I pinned several images to Pintarest so I hope it brings you some visitors!


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