Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Junk Wish List

Some people make lists in January to mark their resolutions. I like to make a list every year of those things I'm looking to find while out junk hunting.

Every year my list changes. 

Some things on the list are constant - like Scrabble games. I always buy these games when I see them because I use the letters in craft projects. 

Other things come off the list as my taste's change or as I acquire things.

Don't get me wrong, I don't carry a list around with me while shopping at yard sales. My motto always will be - if it speaks to you go for it. Instead I use lists to help me focus my hunts and remember those things that I saw somewhere online and would love to have for myself. Really it is just fun for me to think about and then record those things that I would love to find while treasure hunting.

Here is what is on the list for 2012. Subject to change :)

All images are from Pinterest. I created a board called "What I Am Looking For". I invite you to follow my board if you want to see what I add as the year goes on. Or maybe you could start your own board.

Pink Pyrex - Cinderella Bowls
I blew it on this one. I saw these at a flea market last summer priced around $40 - which is a total steal for these. I hesitated because I was trying to conserve money. My mistake because when I went back for them they were long gone.

Orange Polka Dot Pyrex. 
I've never even seen these in person! I want them!

Pink Bottle Brush Trees 
I love bottle brush trees but don't currently have any pink.

Store Displays
I love vintage store displays. I snatch them up whenever I see them and can afford them.

A Vintage Bike
I've been looking for a cool vintage bike for years. Way before they started selling repros at Walmart. I always wanted to park it in my front yard, add a basket, fill it with flowers and just leave it there.

Let's hope that I can find one or all of these items on my wish list!


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  1. Great wish list. I am the same way. I know what I am looking for when I go, but I buy what speaks to me. Unfortunately I did the same thing with a whole case of vintage Barbies. There were about 10 of them in excellent condition and the guy at the flea market wanted $40 for all. I didn't want to blow all my money so early in the morning so I passed. Later in the day I found one similar Barbie at an estate sale and I purchased it for $3.50 and sold it almost immediately on ebay for $76. I still get aggravated about letting those Barbies slip away, especially since I could have kept a few for myself and made some profit!


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