Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fun to Look At

I worked at the antique store this past Sunday - my once-a-month turn. While there, it is fun to look around and see what is new since you have been there last.
Here are my favorite things from today:

I love this chair. Love the red chipped paint and style. It was only $15. I almost bought it but didn't. Just don't need it - even if it is very cute. I'm trying not to buy stuff if I don't really need it.

Love this old book. Love the title, the color red - I could go on and on about it. I may even buy it the next time I am there - but for now it will stay at the shop.

I did end up buying some of these. They are adorable. I hope to show another picture of the ones I chose in a later post. Of course I will use the excuse that they are for my daughters, but secretly I am going to keep them for myself.

A vintage suitcase filled with vintage doll clothes. I dug in and found a few that I almost bought...but didn't. Still sweet though.

I did end up buying the white pot shown above. It has daisys on it. Love it. I broke my rule here. I don't need it at all, but I still had to have it. You know how that is!


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