Monday, April 23, 2012


I own a few pieces of Jadeite. I absolutely love the signature green color! I found this set of 7 tumblers at a St. Vincent de Paul store a few years ago. Score! All the glasses were neatly tucked into a shoe box and sitting on the shelf. I think I only paid about $5 for all of them. It was actually my mom who spotted them first. She grabbed them up and told me to buy them. When your mom - who is a knowledgeable collector - tells you to snap something up, you do it. I haven't found anything this cool - or valuable - at a thrift store before or since.

I believe in enjoying my stuff and not just keeping it on a shelf, so these cups have been in use as drinking glasses in my kitchen for a few years. They are McKee glass and they are a very pretty milky green. They are heavy in your hand. Quality made glass - so vintage, so pretty. My 11 year old and 7 year old have used them regularly and they haven't got a nick or crack among them. If you look closely you can see variations in the color which look like fine lines. See below.

I also have 3 Fire-King cereal bowls in Jadeite. Again, these bowls are used regularly. The color of these isn't as cheery as the McKee green but more gray-green and muted.

Alas, all of these items are currently up for sale on Ebay. I've decided to part with them all. Hopefully some collector (either Martha or Alexis) will snatch them up. One can hope. It is tough to part with them as I really love them, but hopefully they will find their way to a good home.

I only have one other piece of Jadeite that I am keeping. A McKee jadite serving bowl. That will stay with me for now.

Keep your eyes out for great finds at the thrift store. They are rare, but when you do find one it will be a great score!

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  1. DROOL.......DROOL.........DROOL........


    good luck selling them (maybe I'll be the lucky bidder)

  2. those jadite glasses are lovely! I have a wonderful jadite 4 liquid measuring cup that holds goodies in my sewing room. it belonged to my grandparents and I love it!

  3. Waaaaaaanh! They went out of my price range. I didn't really think I would be able to afford them, but I had to try! Good luck! Bet they'll go for even more then now! (trying not to jinx you - LOL)


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