Monday, June 4, 2012

What I Found This Weekend

Here is what I found this weekend at yard sales. I didn't figure I would find much and I was pleasantly surprised. Here is the recap...

Some linens: A pillowcase ($1) 2 linen dishtowels ($1 each), cherry fabric remnant ($1), Christmas dish towel ($1)

This cool desk - found at an estate sale. It hangs on the wall. The 90 year old man who owned the house made it himself. It was $10.

The door opens to reveal the desk. I am going to paint it white and hang it in my younger daughter's room.

A retro clock in my favorite shape of butter yellow. I paid a bit more for this clock than I usually do for something at an estate sale ($8). There was just something about it that I really liked so I splurged! Now that it is home I'm not even sure I have a place for it. Oh well.

Some jewelry, a metal table & a milk glass dish (jewelry 50 cents each, metal table $8)

The fabric on the back of the rocker shown here is actually 2 curtains. I love the material - with pretty green and blue flowers. I saw them hanging up inside the house at an estate sale. I asked the lady if they were for sale. She said yes - for $1. I took them down, brought them home and washed them. The water was dark brown during the wash - they were that dirty. I am happy to report that after 2 washes they came out fresh and super soft - ready to be made into some new curtains & pillows for my living room. The moral of this story - if it isn't nailed down it may be for sale. Just ask.

A milk glass bowl (25 cents) and an avocado-green vintage pyrex bowl ($1).

A brown & white transferware dish. Not sure what I will use this for but I like the muted worn colors.


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  1. Wonderful finds.....especially that neat desk!!

  2. Those are some awesome finds! I really love that desk, I was looking at computer desks online when I came across your blog. I'm really happy I did because I love blog-posts like these. Thank you for sharing this with us Kaytee!


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