Thursday, August 30, 2012


Here are some new "pretties" that have made their way home to me.

We recently bought this awesome California pottery divided dish at a yard sale. Love the aqua color! I can see this holding candy or nuts, paper clips & office stuff or on a dresser holding hair clips or jewelry. I am having a love affair with anything aqua right now. Very retro but very much in style today.


At the same sale I found this little cloth bag in a box with vintage hankies. I paid 50 cents for it. It is going to be my new cell phone holder. I think I will stitch up some of these for gifts or to sell.


Recently I found this white pottery cornucopia at a thrift store in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. They only charged me a dollar - with no tax. I love it for fall and am going to find some miniature pumpkins and ghords for inside. I am so ready for fall that I'm going to start decorating this weekend.

At another store in Gettysburg I bought this charm for a necklace. It is two-sided and I love what it says.

My thoughts exactly!

I bought this Grease jar at another yard sale this past weekend. I've been looking for one of these for years and was happy to finally find one.

I am actually going to use this! Don't judge - I know grease is a dirty word these days. I don't care. I can totally see this holding bacon grease to use in cooking.

This is on my front porch to welcome school back into session!  

Lastly, I bought this several weeks ago while at the community yard sales. It is black and green chippy paint!

The top

It may not show very well in the photo but the paint peeking out from underneath the black is a sage green.

I love eye candy - don't you?
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