Monday, August 20, 2012

Shades of Blue and Green

Lately I have been loving the blues and greens of some of my vintage things.

Here are some pictures...

Mint in a blue Mason jar

McCoy vase in one of my favorite colors

Coffee cups drying on the rack

A green-handled spoon in my sugar jar

My vintage green-glass salt & pepper shakers and a Pyrex refrigerator container - used to hold Kosher salt

These - which were found recently at a thrift store!!

Washed and ready to be sold on ebay. (I'm kinda bummed that I am selling these as I love their pretty green color - but Jadeite sells so well on there that I am letting them go)

A green typewriter

Pyrex in my favortive pattern

My favorite green enamelware table

Pottery in beautiful shades of turquoise, green and white

Vintage books

What are some of your favorite colors in your home?


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