Sunday, October 21, 2012

Spooky Photos

Here is how I decorated my mantle for Halloween. I wish I could show the entire mantle (which is as wide as the room) in one picture - but with my low-budget camera this isn't possible unless I stand very far away - and then what would be the point? :)

Last year I decided to alter some antique cabinet card photos to make them part of my Halloween display.

These are not pictures of any of my relatives or ancestors. I just happen to like antique photos and have collected several over the years. I decided to repurpose some of the more "creepy" looking ones to use for a fun, vintage-looking Halloween display. Here are a few that I altered.

Some old children's shoes and a clock set to midnight are out with the photos.

A page from a old book about birds.

A vintage seed packet.

A great vintage book.

I'm really enjoying decorating this season!


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  1. Love, love those altered photos!

  2. Great ideas! I also used a vintage clock set at midnight on my downstairs mantel this year. You can see it on my blog. Have a fun Halloween!


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