Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fabric Pumpkins

I recently made some pumpkins out of vintage fabric. I really love how they turned out. I did make some out of burlap (which isn't vintage) but I also made some out of old chenille bedspreads and a feed sack.

This one was made using a vintage chenille bedspread that is orange. I've kept it for years waiting for just the right project.

Remember this old feed sack (the one with the corn cob on it) that I bought for a dollar? You can read more about it here on THIS POST. Anyway, I cut it up and made some pumpkins out of it too.

These are fairly easy to make if you are interested in trying them. To make them you will need a football-shaped pattern/template. I drew one free-hand but you could probably create one on your computer using Word and then print it. My football is about 8" tall. The larger the football the bigger the pumpkin will be and the smaller the football the smaller the pumpkin will be.

After selecting your fabric, trace the pattern onto your material and cut out. Here I am tracing onto an old white chenille bedspread. For the seed sack pumpkin I used 8 pieces. For the chenille pumpkins I used about 5. Just play around with it to see how "fat" you want your pumpkin to be.

Once your pattern pieces are cut, you will sew them together. Sorry but I don't have a picture of this step. Basically you pin right sides together and sew two pieces together along one side. Keep adding pieces to your first two by pinning right sides together and sewing along one side of the football from tip to tip. As you add pieces you will see the pumpkin begin to take shape. When the last football is attached then sew the two sides of the pumpkin together. Leave about a 4" opening to turn the material right side out. Once it is right-side-out fill with stuffing. Here is a picture of all of my pumpkins stuffed and ready to be finished.

Before sewing shut I added a twig as the stem. Just coat the bottom of the twig with glue and insert into the center of the pumpkin down into the stuffing. Once the stem is dry and attached firmly, hand sew the opening shut. I then cut out a leaf from some other fabric and hand sewed that on as well. I added ribbon to each pumpkin to finish them off.

If you don't feel like making one of these yourself - or you like the material that I used - I am selling a few of these right here from my blog.To find them click on the link at the top of my page that says "Handmade for Sale" - or just click HERE.

I love how these turned out. I now have my own little pumpkin patch to enjoy year after year! I plan to be on the lookout at yard sales & thrift stores for vintage fabric to make more.

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  1. These are adorable! They'd make terrific teacher gifts. :)

  2. KayteeJane, I absolutely love my pumpkins. So glad to have them. It's making my fall collection look even better. Thank you for making them available.

  3. So glad that you are enjoying them! Thanks again for supporting my crafting!


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