Friday, February 22, 2013

ramblings about Instagram, waffles and eye glasses

Warning, long winded post to follow! I guess I am feeling chatty today. Here in PA it is a very gray and cold day - with "Winter Storm Advisory" being announced. I'm sitting at my computer thinking about all of the things that I have to do today. It is hard to get going some days - especially in the dead of winter. At least it is for me. I've been busy doing this and that. Here are some highlights....

One of my goals this year was to open my etsy shop again. A few years ago I opened an etsy shop and I attempted to sell some of my crafts. I didn't sell anything and let the shop become inactive. Now that some time has passed I want to try again. This time I am going to try and sell vintage goods as well as my handmade items. Each day I wake up with the intention to begin - but for one reason or the next I don't get it accomplished. In addition to the vintage stuff I am considering selling hair bows too. I started making hair bows for my daughters and have sold a few to friends. I enjoy doing it and it is a fun way to make some "kicking around money". Here is a pic of my latest ribbon purchase - all waiting to be fashioned into bows/hair accessories:

 After buying all of this ribbon I woke up in the middle of the night yesterday in a panic suffering from buyer's remorse. What the hell was I thinking buying all this ribbon and spending money I don't really have on craft supplies? UGH! Have you ever done that - followed an instinct or dream and later worried that you had made the wrong decision? Since I am not working right now at a "job", money is tight so that is where I was coming from. Life lesson - stay the heck out of the craft store when you are broke! That place is the money pit! Oh well - today is a new day. Now that I have spent the money - I will use that as the driving force behind getting the etsy shop open. No excuses! I've got to earn my money back! Now to figure out how to be heard over all of the other dreamers/creators out there vying for your attention on the internet.

Here is a picture taken before Valentine's day showing Gaby wearing some bows.

Speaking of selling stuff online, I am hooked on Instagram right now. It started as a fun way to take pictures and share them with the world. Turns out there are many people selling vintage on Instagram. Rebels I call them! Who needs ebay and etsy when you can Instagram? If you use Instagram search the hashtags #igsale or #instasale or #forsale. The way that it works is a seller will announce that he/she is having a sale and the time that it will take place. Show up to Instagram at that time. The seller then posts pictures of items & the prices. It then becomes like an auction of sorts. The first person to comment on the picture of the item they are interested in buys it.
Here is a picture of a Pyrex butter dish that was for sale on Instagram - I'm actually on the hunt for one of these.
I've been selling some things on ebay lately. Hubby has been too and does much better than I do. His stuff just seems to sell better. Lately he has been selling camping stuff and trains - guy stuff. My vintage dishes and sorts just aren't selling right now. Here is a pile of goodies waiting to be sold - either on etsy, ebay or saved for a yard sale. I am even listing stuff on Craigslist. That isn't too bad for fast cash. I just feel like cleaning out right now. I am itching to sell some junk! I may just have to try an Instasale - who knows!

Being on ebay a lot has resulted in some purchases too - oh my am I bad about not buying stuff! Hubby found this vintage waffle maker sold at Montgomery Ward. It has never been used. We wanted a waffle maker for Saturday morning breakfast and this one was very affordable - probably because nobody buys old appliances but us. It arrived yesterday. It is pretty cute. We are going to give it a go this weekend. I am excited.

I also bought these 1950's or 1960's eye glasses. I have been wanting to find a pair of vintage frames to have my prescription put into - so that I could actually wear them as glasses. It was a gamble buying these online without trying them on. I received them yesterday and at first when I put them on I was like "yuck - I look horrible!". But they actually grew on me. I think I will keep them. I posted a picture of myself wearing them on Facebook. It was funny to see the comments I got. One lady told me I was too cute to wear them. I guess that is sort of a compliment? Not sure. My daughter avoided the question of "what do you think?" - which is a dead giveaway that she thought they were ugly. Overall the response has been negative - I guess people aren't feeling the retro style. That is ok. I am still going to wear them. I like 1960's style. It may be "ugly" to some but I think it is cool.

If you've made it this far then I thank you for letting me ramble on.

Until next time.

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  1. Enjoyed your rambling post. I think the glasses would look great with sun glass lenses. All you need now is a pointy bra ; )


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