Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Greens of March

Happy March!

Today I am sharing pictures of some green around my home in honor of March and St. Patrick's Day. I have collected a lot of green things over the years - as it is one of my favorite colors. I have a green living room, a green Kitchen Aid, a lot of green depression glass and of course, Green pottery. I have recently thought of painting over the green and going in a new direction....but then I look at all of my pottery on display and wonder if it will look as good in a blue or gray room...sorta doubt it. is some of my green - more to come in upcoming posts.

A fun vintage card that I found while sorting through some old postcards. I love anything vintage gardening or flower related.
According to this card from Van Cleve's Flowers - the color for March is Gray or Silver and not green. Who knew?

My favorite Remington typewriter in green - purchased about 15 years ago at a yard sale for $5. At the time I thought that was pricey since vintage typewriters weren't popular then... so glad I popped on it because I have never seen another like it available at a yard sale.

Some of my green planters & pottery.

Gotta love green!

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  1. Hi Kaytee Jane!!!!

    Oh boy, you and I both like the same kinds of things! Love your GREEN collectibles and that typewriter is a pure GEM! I don't think I have ever seen a green one like that before. Hey, do you read the blog Tuesdays With Dorie? She loves green, too, and has a lovely collection of fun things in her home.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!



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