Monday, April 22, 2013

Saturday Scores - Earth Day Edition

Hi Friends! Happy Earth Day! For this edition of Saturday Scores I'm sharing some earth-friendly vintage goodness!

Take a look at this score! I can't even take credit for finding it - hubby did! As I've always said, he is a better treasure hunter than I am.

If you are a lover of vintage you probably share my passion for vintage tablecloths. I have an especially strong weakness for 1940's tablecloths. I've been collecting them for years and now have several. The ugly side of this is that I RARELY want to part with any of them. I just keep finding them and hoarding them all to myself. This is actually the first state map souvenir tablecloth that I've ever bought - and guess what? I'm selling it. In fact, it is for sale right now on eBay.

Take a close look. Pre-Disney!

I love the colors too - yellow, teal & orange. I can't wait to see if it sells. I sure hope it does. I won't share with you what I paid because frankly - that would be bragging - as it was such a great deal. :)

This yard sale was my favorite type of sale - an older lady who is cleaning out her house and selling things she no longer wants or needs. Funny thing about these sales is the vintage stuff is usually marked very cheap! These ladies don't hold much value in the older things. Which is great for me because I love a great bargain on vintage. I bought a few vintage tablecloths and some dishtowels - which were all in immaculate condition - clean & pressed. I didn't even have to wash these when I got them home - they were that nice. This sweet lady even had a section of free items for people to take - but with one condition - you could only take one or two because she wanted to save some stuff for everybody! GOTTA LOVE THAT!!!

I bought this from her as well. 100% Linen. Tags still intact - and by Kay Dee too! You would think that just for the name I would keep it but no, it is for sale on eBay too.

Don' get me wrong, I love using vintage linens. They are great for the environment - and for my vintage style! I guess I am just in the selling mood. I need the money, so I'm parting with stuff. This has been hard for me in the past, but it isn't so hard right now. I am a praying woman and I do pray that God would change my heart when I feel that I am being way too materialistic. I guess He has answered and is freeing me up to sell, sell, sell. Yes, I still have my collection of tablecloths and that won't be going anywhere right now, but other things, we will see.

Happy Earth Day!

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