Monday, April 8, 2013

Saturday Scores

Hubby and I went to a few sales this past Saturday. That is our usual routine. We get up early and hit any local garage or estate sales and are usually home by 10 am. Plus, now that my kids are older we can leave them home alone for a few hours and go without them - which is great. This is my favorite time each week - looking for junk with my favorite partner in crime. Here are some highlights of what I bought. Most everything that I bought this time will be for resale. I am committed to only keeping the things that I absolutely cannot live without.

This was my favorite find of the day. I found these at an estate sale. They were in a jar inside the kitchen cabinets - mixed in with some other random corn holders & screws. These will be for sale - although I think they are awesome and are sort of tempted to keep them.

Vintage musical jewelry box with ballerina. I love this one. My favorite thing about it is the ballerina turning in front of the triangle mirror surrounded by her "stage". This is very "shabby chic" and feminine - a style that I love. However, even though I love it, I am putting it for sale on etsy. I know it will find a home where it will be loved and appreciated by a kindred spirit.

I have been buying a lot of vintage Tupperware lately for resale. Here are my latest purchases soaking in my sink for a good cleaning. Turns out that older Tupperware is collectible. I recently bought a vintage canister set at and estate sale for $1 and turned around and sold it on eBay for quite a bit more. I am hoping that lightening will strike twice and that I will be able to sell these other pieces as well.

I also bought this Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic camera. I like these older cameras for display. I usually just sit them on my bookshelves. This one will also be for sale on etsy.

I'm going to make "Saturday Scores" a regular feature here on the blog. I hope the weather is turning warm were you are and that you are able to get out and treasure hunt too.


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