Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Milk Glass

Lately I have been having a love affair with Milk Glass.  I used to not care much for it. In fact I would see it just about everywhere for sale and I wouldn't even give it a second glance. Over the past few months I've seen milk glass online everywhere...on vintage blogs, and on etsy and Instagram. I guess that is what inspired me to give it a second look. Oh the power of pictures and blogging. I guess I am pretty easily influenced.

Anyway...Here are some pieces I found recently. I love how it looks grouped together on top of my country cupboard.

I bought these three hobnail/ruffle pieces this past Saturday at a garage sale. A mother/daughter duo who sell antiques online were selling off some of their inventory. I was super excited when I saw these items on the shelf. I had spied a similar milk glass candy dish on a favorite blog recently and was hoping to find one for myself while out treasure hunting. I never dreamed that I would find what I was looking for so quickly. The two smaller pieces in the front are vases.

The larger footed bowl in the background (with daisy inside) was purchased at the Salvation Army store recently. It still has a Fenton sticker on it.

I always see these tall bud vases for sale at thrift stores. They are usually around $1 each. I have decided to start collecting them. Once I have about 10 or 12 I plan on selling them all on etsy together for one price. I figure that maybe a bride or someone planning a party might buy them. If they don't sell that is fine. I will just keep them on hand to use for gifts for friends. These are much prettier (and cheaper) than any vase you would buy at Walmart.

I am also using milk glass on my desk. Each of these items cost less than $1. Just today I saw several milk glass footed bowls at the thrift for sale.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my new collection! Here's to seeing things you once overlooked in a new light.


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  1. That milk glass makes me oo and ahh!! All your pieces are beautiful..I love that large footed bowl best!!


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