Saturday, June 15, 2013


Seeing that it is strawberry picking season I thought I would share some of my favorite vintage strawberry collectibles. I have always been drawn to strawberry prints and red and white.

Hazel Atlas Milk Glass Strawberry Jam Jar - This was also made in an apple. (Of course I own that too!)  My mom had one of these when I was growing up and she actually served jelly out of it on the table.
Strawberry motif vintage table cloth.
Strawberry apron. Not sure how functional this one is :) - but it is super cute. Sheer material with embroidered strawberries.
Tin bread box. It is a little banged up and rusty but I love it anyway. We use this on our kitchen counter for loaves of bread.
I am including these too. Wouldn't these be great to serve sliced strawberries? Top pic is a Pyrex hostess set, bottom pic is a pink plastic melamine/melmac set.

I love vintage berries!

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  1. All of the things with vintage strawberries scream Summer to me! I have a few tablecloths that I love to use this time of year. I have never seen the Hazel Atlas strawberry! I am on the lookout now:-)


  2. Love all the beautiful strawberry treasures!!

  3. The Hazel Atlas jam jar is great! & too true - the small Pyrex hostess dishes would be perfect for serving up strawberries.

  4. I always love a good collection. I love the HA jam jar. (I have one too, plus the apple) Just got some strawberries from the farmer's market this a.m. and they are delicious!

  5. You have a wonderful collection of strawberries here! I love red and strawberries, too. The tablecloth is beautiful.


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