Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cleaning the Kitchen

So far this month I have been on a frenzy around the house cleaning out, rearranging, purging and working hard to get organized and orderly before the craziness of school, work and routines begins. No room is exempt from my cleaning! Today I am showing my kitchen - after it was cleaned and I rearranged the shelves. I love my open shelving - but YES, the stuff on the shelves does get dirty and greasy if not used often. Even so I love being able to display my collections in my kitchen. I used to have tradition cabinets and all of my vintage items that I love were hidden behind the doors. I much prefer this. Twice a year I pull everything down, wipe the shelves and wash everything. Then I decide what I want to get rid of (if anything) and enjoy rearranging things.

I decided that it was time to feature some of my Pyrex collection in the kitchen. While I still have a lot behind the scenes, I love looking at the things that I did put out on display. I didn't want it to look too cluttered so I just focused on some of my bowl sets.

The Amish Butterprint bowls on this shelf are used daily in cooking and are in easy reach.

I also decided to part with several of my vintage glass cake plates. I had over 12 different ones. While lovely, I didn't need them all. I am selling several right now on ebay. Above the microwave I featured my aluminum cake carriers and two blue milk glass cake stands that I did keep.
As you can probably tell, red & white are the primary colors of my collections - with some blue, green, yellow & pink mixed in. I love how the white background of my walls lets me focus on my collections. I have a heart for the 1940's & 1950's which shows in my things.

This wall is between two doorways. It isn't deep enough for more cabinets so we put a little breakfast bar there. I have been wanting to hang my vintage pot holder collection in the kitchen for over 6 years and finally got that goal accomplished. Hubby helped me to hang a vintage clothesline dispenser from the wall and the pot holders are hung using clothes pins.

I am happy with how it looks! I hope to share more rooms around the house as they are re-organized.
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  1. Happy? Girl! You should be thrilled! It is so stinkin' adorable. Now I have a silly question - how do you get the bowls display that way? Do you put styrofoam or something between to raise them up? I love your kitchen. In some ways your kitchen is similar to mine. Although yours has been updated and I'm still living in my 1951 kitchen. It's not so bad, but the tile is so hard to find things to go with it. It's not a pretty creamy yellow like my grandma's was or a nice jadeite green like my sister's was - no mine is burgundy! I would just like a nice neutral gray or black for my counter. I like your open shelves too. I bet it makes the room look bigger! I give you 5 gold stars! (out of 5, don't worry, not out of 10 or anything)

    Oh....and.....can I feature you on a blog post? I just love your style and your treasures! I haven't done that before, but I just want to share some of your fabulous finds!

  2. BTW, as I look at your pictures I'm thinking....hmmm....I want one of those, and some of that, and wouldn't that look cute in my house?

  3. Looking good,I have quite a few things the same as love the wire baskets on the wall,and I have also displayed my crochet pan holders under my shelf's.Also in cleaning feels good...

  4. You have definitely inspired me to do a little rearranging of my own in my kitchen. Love yours! I will have to take photos of mine and post them at some point. I'm pretty sure you will feel the same way about mine:-)

    I love that you use your bread box for bread. I have one of mine sitting on my counter and it holds vintage shot glasses. Hey, gotta keep those in reach!


  5. Looks great! I have so much of the same stuff! :-) Nice job!

  6. Your kitchen is so adorable! I love it. Love your cabinets also.My kitchen is also white walls and red and white theme. I just love those colors together. I have repro red glass handles on my cabinets gives it a nice pop!!

    Love love love your strawberry bread box! I just love fruit motifs.

  7. I just LOVE your kitchen, Katie!


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