Thursday, September 12, 2013

Divided Dishes and other vintage usefulness

I try very hard to use all of my vintage kitchenware and not just hoard it. When I first bought some of the Pyrex divided dishes I wasn't sure if/when I would actually use them. Because of the divider and also because each side only holds a small portion of food, I have always been sort of stumped about using these. Collecting vintage kitchen ware really exemplifies to me how much more we must eat in today's society than families ate in the 1950's and 1960's. Even my older coffee mugs hold a fraction of the coffee that my newer mugs hold. Anyway, I still love using the vintage over the new any day. I actually smile when I use my Pyrex to bake and serve food! Here is one way that I have used the divided casseroles. If you have another great use please share it with me!!
The lids make these perfect for storing food in the refrigerator.
This Melamine plastic dish also works nicely to serve small portions of fruit. No lid for storage, but cute for food that will be eaten right away.
And I've been using the milk glass compotes that sit on my kitchen counter top quite a lot. For the beginning of the school year I put in granola bars and fruit leathers for the kids. Those didn't last long.
Oh so pretty and useful all at the same time! I love vintage!


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  1. I love the divided dishes too and tend to use them more for parties and holidays. The thing that drives me crazy about them is that they don't stack for easy storage. I guess that could be a good thing because then I wouldn't buy every single one I saw :-)


  2. Nice! I love my vintage kitchen stuff too and use my Pyrex all the time! It make's me happy as well!! :-)

  3. Love the divided dishes. I store food in them, I also use chips on one side and dip on the other. I also use them on the holidays when im having a big dinner and serve them with different side dishes in them!
    They did eat less back then! =) Not like today, and i agree with you I take vintage stuff over new stuff any day myself!
    P.S. you can even serve cookies around Christmas in them!


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