Thursday, October 10, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Loom Potholders

How many of you can remember making these loom potholders as a child? My man bought these at a yard sale for me. They are very soft and worn and look like they have been washed many times. The weaved fabric is very tight and thick. I am in love with the colors the most - red, blue, aqua, orange & black. Whoever made these chose the color combinations well. I use these all the time and they are very functional as well as pretty.

I remember making these when I was a kid. I had a plastic loom kit like THIS ONE. I spent hours putting the fabric bands on the loom and working them up and under each other. I doubt I was concerned about the color combinations that I was choosing - I was just enjoying the craft itself. Now the craft of the moment is the Rainbow Loom. My 8 year old is obsessed with hers. I bet she would enjoy making these throwback potholders. Maybe I'll think about getting her a kit for Christmas.

Those throwbacks are sometimes the best.


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  1. Maybe you should get her the loom kit now so she can MAKE Christmas gifts!!!


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