Saturday, December 28, 2013

Another Christmas here and gone

Another Christmas here and gone. As I sit here looking at all of my decorations I wish I could just snap my fingers and it would all be put away. Oh how I dread packing it all up! I'm ready to move on to January!

My gift from my husband this year was pens (it is what I asked for). I can't wait to get started journaling, crafting and doodling with them.
I bought some blank journals and pretty pencils & pens for myself at Target in the dollar section.
I also received these wonderful vintage advertisements from Lee & Frannie. I plan to hang them up in my kitchen.
 (Use Crisco - It's Digestible!)
and the Pioneer Woman's latest cookbook.
My 3rd Grader made me some wonderful gifts this year. This was a favorite. A book she wrote called "Super Parents - A Story About My Awesome Mom and Dad".
I am always drawn with an Afro when my girls draw pictures of me. :)
I am the "chicken nugget queen".

The day after Christmas I found myself shopping at the thrift store again. I was happy to find 3 Pyrex fridgies with their lids on the shelf. Yeah me! The patterns weren't anything that I collect but I bought them just to have the lids.  I needed 3 in this size for bottoms that I already own. I'm thinking I will just re-donate the dishes. I know all of the Pyrex collectors out there would probably cringe at hearing me say that I am going to re-donate Pyrex, but I don't have the space to keep pieces that I don't really like.
I also did some after-Christmas decorations sale shopping. I wasn't planning to, but seeing other people's blogs definitely influences me. First I saw a red tinsel feather tree on Heather's blog decorated for Christmas. That got me thinking that I needed to have one of those for next year. A few days later I saw on Sarah's blog a red tinsel tree that she purchased at Target the day after Christmas for 50% off. Not a feather tree, but Sarah mentioned "trimming" the branches to make it look less full. I had never even thought of doing that. The next morning I was off to Target. I was lucky enough to find one left on the shelf. It was 50% off - so I paid $4. I asked my husband to help me trim it. We cut off a few branches from each level with wire cutters. I like how it looks  - less full and bushy. (picture below isn't great but you get the idea). I've decided that I'm going to decorate it with hearts for Valentines Day.

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  1. heh, we took totally different approaches to the trimming! You did it the way my husband thought I was going to do it. I actually took scissors and trimmed the "needles" so they were half as long as they were originally. If that makes sense? I still have another one to do, it took forever! (I want three trees for the heart to heart stuff. A little valentine forest.


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