Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Decorating

This past weekend I was able to get some of my Christmas decorating done. I still don't have a tree yet - that has to wait until payday :) - in any case, it still looks pretty merry around here with all of the rest of my decorations. This is a corner cupboard that sits in my dining room. It is made of knotty pine. I often look at it and think that I should paint it. Maybe I will someday. I packed up all of the things that sit on here throughout the year and filled the shelves with lots of trees and vintage linens.I guess you could say that my decorations are a combo of vintage, handmade and country. 

I love white trees - especially bottle brush in white. This wreath is not vintage but sure looks like it could be. The ceramic tree on the top is one of my favorite decorations. I bought it over 20+ years ago at a rummage sale from an older lady who had made this and then didn't want it anymore. I fell in love with the white tree with the candy-colored lights. It looks especially pretty at night. I guess I was ahead of my time because I recently saw one sell on eBay for over $100 - which amazes me. I am still keeping this one.

The red bottle brush trees are ones that I did myself. They started out green and then I bleached them and used RIT dye to color them red.
These are vintage ornament hanger boxes.
Burlap trees that I made last year that I decorated with vintage buttons. I decided to put them on top of spools of Christmas ribbon for the height. I found a bag of vintage ribbon this past summer at Goodwill.
Miniature mercury-glass ball ornaments look pretty in this little cup.

Vintage Christmas table cloths
A stocking made by my talented friend Cindy - who also creates things using vintage materials.

More to come..

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  1. Love all your sweet Christmas decorations, especially all the trees! And, love the vintage book by Hans Christian Andersen! xo Heather

  2. LOVE the white milk glass plates and the white wreath. I had a ceramic tree like your white one that I made in ceramics class in the early 1970s! My mom, me, and my sister all made trees. My tree broke some years ago in a move but I think my mom and sister still have theirs. Wish I had done it in white as like you, I am SUCH a fan of the white trees! Nice blog!


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