Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter Decorations

Due to the extremely cold weather here the kids were off school and I stayed home from work today. I spent my time putting out my winter and Valentines Day decorations. I figured that I might as well just go ahead and put out both so that I could enjoy them longer. I think they work well together. I used lots of milkglass this year - which is a perfect compliment for both. Here are the winter decorations. I will show the Valentines later.

The tutorial to make this milkglass snowman plate can be found under the "craft tutorials" tab.

Hoping you are keeping warm and toasty on this cold day. 


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  1. Love your winter things. I pinned the frosty on the milk glass plate, what a great idea, I love it!! My kids were home again too. Started my valentine tree. Stay warm!!

  2. You have a really nice collection of winter decorations. I really like the stack of winter themed books and the grouping of syrup pitchers. Great ideas!


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