Thursday, February 13, 2014

Recent Finds

I have been going to my favorite thrift store every Friday night after work as a little end-of-the-week treat to myself. I haven't found much. I did luck out and get 2 Pyrex casserole dishes. I was especially pleased that one of them was Butterprint and had the lid. It is in mint condition.
The other one is "Forest Fancies". It did have the lid but there was a big chip in it so I just got rid of the lid. I have extras so it wasn't a big loss.

At an indoor flea market I bought the 401 Autumn Harvest bowl. I love the color of this one. I plan to use it in the fall. Also found a Floraline planter in matte white.

I also bought this cute apron at the flea market.
Not a huge haul but I am still pretty happy with what I did find. All very cheap also!


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  1. I love those little casseroles although I have never used them to bake in. They are my go-to leftover storage containers.

    So happy to see that you found some things. This really isn't the time of year for vintage hunting so any little bit works for me!


  2. Well, at least you found something and something nice too!! I haven't bought anything at a thrift store in nearly a month!

  3. Definitely love the Butterprint! I have so much of it, but that's a piece I need.


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