Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Home Make Over

Summer - a time to get some things cleaned, organized, painted and off my to-do list.
Here are some pictures of my living and dining room make-over. Gone are the tired and dated green and yellow walls replaced with a soft gray.

A new-to-me couch found at the thrift store. I am in love with it! I believe it was meant for me - a gift from God who knew my love for yellow and my very small budget. She was $35! Marked down because she was on the floor for over two months!

The collections have been paired down {really}. I parted with what I didn't love anymore and only kept the things that work in this space.

My white Ikea slipcovers where dyed a gray blue. I went cheap with Rit dye in my washing machine. The dirt is now concealed better and the stains hidden.
I shopped my basement and other rooms in the home to finish the set-up. Mostly it was because my budget was spent and I was out of money but the result is a happy blend of vintage and thrifted treasures that I prefer to new. I am learning to appreciate what I already have.

I'm also learning to be more welcoming and get over my desire for perfection before having friends over. Nobody's house is perfect - nobody's.

Living Room:
Velvet Couch - Salvation Army Thrift Store
White Coffee Table - Church Sale Find
Chairs - Ikea Ektorp
Rocker - Family heirloom
"Hello" pillow - Ross Dress for Less
Pottery, wall hangings, mirrors - found at yard sales, estate sales & thrift stores over the years.
Dining Room:
Table - Family Heirloom given to me from my Mom
Chairs - Oakmont Methodist Church - these were their choir chairs
Corner Cabinet - Yard Sale find
Red Primitive Cupboard - Abercrombie's Antique Shop - Mill Village PA
Glasses Cabinet - Craigslist find
Pyrex, Glasses, Seed Packets, Flower Frogs, Hose Nozzels, Misc collectibles - found at yard sales and estate sales over the years.
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  1. Everything look fresh and comfy cozy... I LOVE that yellow couch... glad you gave it a good home because I would have had to arm wrestle you for it!! LOL Enjoy your lovely home!

  2. Love your home and all your vintage finds, but LOVE that couch! Wish it was mine!!! And love that peanut butter tin too.

  3. I love using what I gave in new ways. I already loved it, that's why I bought it! A new slipcover for our IKEA couch is on my very extensive living room list. Is the dye splotchy? I can never get the dye not splotchy but it would be so much cheaper.

  4. When I decorated our guest room, I wandered around my house and plucked things from here and there to put in there. Not only was it economical, it was super fun to see my things in a new place!

    Love that couch! I can't believe you got such a great deal on it. Meant to be!


  5. wow! we have a lot in common!! it's looks fabulous!! Emily

  6. You have such great collections. Love the little pots and birds. Yep - shopping the house is the best way to go. I forget what I have half the time! Your couch is a wonderful find. I call those "God Smooches"!

  7. You have a cute, cute home. If I visited you, I would spend all my time looking at EVERY thing!

  8. Oh wow, I just love your vintage style! That yellow couch would not have lasted a day at any of my local thrift stores. Nice find!

    You also have the best collections. Love this post!

  9. Beautiful! Your home looks so cozy and welcoming.

  10. What a lovely home make-over! You also have the best collections.
    Enjoy your lovely home!

  11. I love your pretty yellow couch and everything else. Very nice collection of glasses!

  12. Your home is so nice, it is a perfect place for a family to live in ! I will decorate the room like yours in the future:)

  13. Thanks for sharing this article really helpful


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