Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Decorations

I finally got my Halloween/Fall decorations out. I'm embarassed to admit this but it took me an entire day to put this stuff out. Shuffling items from one shelf to another to make room for holiday decorations can be time consuming! Makes me question the point of it all...but that subject is not one for a blog about collecting!

For Halloween this year I gathered from around the house several things that are black to use as the backdrop for my holiday items. Today I am showing off what is on my living room mantle. Look around your house and use items that you already have. Things liks old cameras, suit cases, old bottles, black shoes, typewriters, old letters, black & white photos and interesting books with spooky titles would make great decorations. 

Here is what I came up with. 

I have been collecting these dime store plastic pumpkins for a few years. I don't know how old they are but something about them makes me smile. The one with the hat was bought this past weekend at an auction along with some other junk in a box for $2.

To make the Jack O Lantern sign I spray painted 2 Scrabble Game letter holders black and then added Anagram & Scrabble letters to form the word. Keep an eye out at garage sales & rummage sales for old games. They have awesome graphics that look cool on display.

An old pair of children's shoes & a black typewriter add to the "black" theme.

This little owl wears a witches hat - both items found for pennies while junk hunting.

Old clocks set to Midnight!

I like how my collection of old cameras looks. I'm thinking this display needs some fake spider webs draped over it.

I found this cute children's book about crows at our library's book sale some time ago and thought it would look nice as part of a Halloween theme. When decorating for holidays use unexpected things - like a kid's book - as part of your display.

More to show tomorrow. It is great to be back to the blog!


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  1. Love the decorations and children's book- but especially love that the book is by Aldous Huxley! What year is it written?

  2. I'd agree that adding several spider webs would surely make these things look older than they seem! Not to mention that they would look creepier too!


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