Friday, October 14, 2011

Spooky Cabinet Cards

Halloween Decorations continue...

I saw this idea in an antique store last year and just had to copy it. Take antique cabinet card photos and embellish them. You can usually find these for sale in antique stores for around $1 - $2 each. I'm sure some people would scoff that I use the original photograph and not a copy - but I feel like I am giving these "orphans" new life! Now each year they will have a place of honor as part of my display. Otherwise they would be sitting unnoticed in someone's attic or store gathering dust.

If you don't have any old photos to use search online for digital copies to print.

A family is transformed into "wicked" witches.

I really like this one. I cut a ghost out of vellum and placed it behind his back. Look for photos with black mats - these are great for Halloween.

This photo was already stained and faded when I bought it. Look for ones that are already browned & rough around the edges - they make the best "spooky" looks. To give your copies or better condition photos that effect use a dark brown ink pad to add staining.

How fun would this idea be if you copied pictures of your actual ancestors and embellished them? I might try that in the future.

On a side note...yesterday I posted a pic of a children's book called "The Crows of Pearblossom". Colleen asked what year it was published. The year was 1967. Thank you Colleen for calling attention to this book and the author Aldous Huxley - who also wrote Brave New World. I didn't realize that until you mentioned it. How cool!

Have a great day!

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  1. Katie, these are so neat! Thanks for sharing all of your lovely things.

  2. These are all so much fun! I love your creations! Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comment about my creepy mantel!


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