Friday, June 1, 2012

Old School - New School

As I've mentioned before, I am an elementary teacher. But, I'm not a teacher in the traditional sense because I teach cyber school.

This is where I teach all day.

This is me with my microphone and headset - how I communicate with my students on-line instead of in person.

This school year is almost over and preparations are already underway for next school year. Part of those preparations involve cleaning out and giving away some old books that have been hanging around. Since they were throwing these away I took a stack of them home. I love old school books. They have great graphics and fonts. I mostly use these in craft projects but they are fun to read sometimes too.

This one in particular is so interesting.

Copyright 1931. "Modern" Junior Mathematics

Here is what they were teaching in Math back in to write a check & borrow money from the bank. There is also a chapter on buying stocks. Interesting because the stock market crashed in 1929. I guess educators felt that students needed to learn about proper investing.:)

I'm actually going to read this book over the summer. It is neat.
(In case you were wondering...we've never used these old books as part of our school curriculum)
I love the contrast between teaching the "new" way - virtually and teaching the "old" way - with great text books.

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  1. What an interesting job you have!! Love the old textbooks, too!!


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