Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Comparison Shopping

Have you ever gone browsing at an antique store and seen several items that you already own? Maybe because I've been collecting for years I find that this frequently happens to me. I walk through the store and say "I have that!" and then quickly check the price to see what they are asing for it. Most of the time I am amazed at the asking price for "my" stuff. As I buy most of my collectibles from yard sales and flea markets I get sticker shock when I shop full retail.

This past Saturday this exact thing happened. Remember this post? Well lookie what turned up at an antique store. Mind you I had never even seen one of these before and then 2 of them show up out of the blue in a month's time. Once you notice something interesting for the first time, all of a sudden said item pops up everywhere. Isn't it weird how that happens?

I paid 50 cents for mine and this one is priced at $20. Nice! I think I got myself a good deal!


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