Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Golden Robot

I didn't think it could ever happen, but I think I have OD'd on yard sales and junk! My husband was telling me about some upcoming sales in our area and I actually heard myself say "I don't feel like going to yard sales this weekend".  Do any of you junkers out there ever feel like that from time to time? I think this is a result of buying so much at the community yard sales and also hitting an estate sale this past weekend where I bought a few things. It is so hard to say no to great stuff when it is priced so affordably. As a result I have a pile of finds sitting in my dining room that I have yet to put away - many have been there for over a month now. I look around my house and see treasures everywhere. While I love my vintage look, sometimes I long for a house that is decorated with current trends, clean lines and minimal stuff.  Oh well, this too shall pass. I always come back to loving my treasures and looking for more. It is sort of a sickness that you never get over. I'm sure by the time Saturday rolls around I will be up and out again.

Here is something that we found recently that keeps us going to sales looking for the next great find.

I cannot take credit for buying this as I would have not looked twice at it. My husband - as I've said before is much better at this junking thing than I am - found this at the community yard sales and bought it for $3. He said "It looks neat so I think I am going to buy it and take a chance.". Whatever - $3 is no big deal! Well, this was a golden robot! He put this baby on ebay and turned his $3 investment into a $130 sale. WOW! This robot doesn't even have all of the parts with it and it isn't that old - from 1996 I think. Who knew?

These type of finds don't come around often, but when they do it is so exciting. This past weekend we bought a pair of roller skates for $3 thinking we could resell them for profit and turns out that they aren't worth anything on ebay right now. So you never know and sometimes it is a shot in the dark. But this is what keeps us amateur buyers and collectors going.


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  1. I totally understand this post. It's the thrill of the hunt for me, finding that treasure that appeals to you and is dirt cheap but you know it is worth something. Then the almost regret as that pile of items lingers in the garage or back hallway waiting to be cleaned up and find its place in the home. UGH! I struggle with this too. That is why I need a shop of my own. I can buy and hunt, but I will have a place to love it for awhile but let it go. There is only so much room in my house and I too long for a more clean line look. In fact I have slowly been transforming my house from prim to more simple modern farmhouse. Keeping the vintage things that I truly love but adding some more up to date accents(like new curtains and lampshades). I think we all need a change every once in awhile. And a junking break is also good for the soul too!
    Kudos to your hubby for the robot score!

    Sorry for the long comment, it just hit me because I know the feeling.

    Happy summer,


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