Friday, July 20, 2012

Monster High Doll House

My daughter's love playing with Monster High dolls. It is their new favorite toy and has surpassed their love for Barbie and Bratz. Recently my husband found this doll house in the trash. We decided to recycle it and transform it into a Monster High house for the girls to play with.

All it takes is some black spray paint and tape.

Start by taping off parts of the house that you don't want painted black.

After taping, spray with paint.

It doesn't have to be neat or perfect - it is a monster house after all.

After covering with paint, we pulled the tape off and here are the results.
As you can see the tape didn't come off neatly and there is some overspray, which I think adds to the haunted house look.

The inside.

We stopped there but you could go all out with this project by adding other colors in paint from the Monster High palette like neon pink, grey and purple.


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  1. Hello I am a fan of Monster High. I love how it has become home. I can show it to my blog by putting the address of your blog. It is only copy you want to display. Sorry for my bad English

  2. @Anonymous

    You are welcome to link people back to this post. That would be great!

  3. how many cans did it take? Because Wal-Mart sells I think half gallon for $8.00 and that might just do the whole house. What do you think???


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