Thursday, July 12, 2012

Recent Finds - Part 2

As promised here are more pics of the things I bought at the community yard sales.

I am a big sucker for old linens. I usually buy them if they are cheap - which they usually are. Shown below - a table cloth, pillowcase and napkin. Sorry about the wrinkles - these just came out of the wash.

Here is an upclose of the embroided pillowcase.

This is a small pillow case, probably designed for a child or baby. When I bought it, it had some yellowing and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to salvage it. I washed it and then hung it outside to dry. It hung out for a few days in the sun and that did the trick. The sun took all of the yellowing away. It is now fresh as new. I have already put it on a pillow and it is very cute. I didn't get a picture of it today but will show it soon. What a cute gift this would make for a new mom who likes vintage.

Aren't these little birds soooo cute. This is one corner of a small tablecloth which was pretty stained. I washed it and hung it out but didn't have the success I had with the pillowcase. I usually try not to buy linens if they are badly stained unless I am going to cut them up and repurpose them into something else. I couldn't pass this one up because of the adorable embroidered birds. Each corner has a different design but each design has a bird and some sort of tea cup or tea pot. I will be cutting this apart and using the embroidered pieces as pockets on either an apron or a future sewing project. I just couldn't walk away from these cute birdies.

I bought these seed bags for $1.00 each. They were terribly stained and stinky. I knew in my heart that the stains were probably not going to come out - but I still caved and bought them anyway. I figured a dollar wasn't too big of a gamble if they didn't come clean. I like to turn these bags into pillows and buy them whenever I see them for cheap. After washing them, the burlap one softened up in the wash but also came apart in a few places. There was burlap all over my washing machine. The cotton bag is a bit cleaner but still not stain-free. These will still be turned into pillows but different from the original plan. I will be dying the cotton bag and making it into either a pillow or purse of some sort. The burlap bag will be cut up - saving the piece with the corn picture - and then sewn into a small pillow.

I also found these unused cotton sugar bags. They cost 50 cents each. I thought they will make great gift bags for homemade cookies or something like that. I may keep one to hang in my kitchen.

This large pillowcase was found still in it's original package. I like the material. I've seen people make shirts from pillowcases so I thought I would try that. It cost 50 cents I think.

I bought this metal tray for 10 cents. Again, someone pricing stuff for 10 cents! I love these old kitchen trays that have designs on them. You just don't see them much for sale anymore. They make cute magnetic memo boards. I may use this one as a memo board once I get it hung on the wall somewhere.


More finds in the next post - there is still more to share!


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