Friday, July 6, 2012

Recent Finds

This past weekend my family and I were lucky enough to find a small town having their annual community yard sales. That is my most favorite type of yard saleing - when an entire community has their yard sales on the same day! It was great. We bought lots of stuff. I even made a list after it was all said and done so that I could record what I bought and how much I paid. Here is a picture of my list.

Here are some highlights - more to follow in upcoming posts.

This cute white planter only cost 10 cents! I kid you not. Who prices stuff for 10 cents anyway? Did they think nobody would buy it and that is why it was priced so cheap? I would have paid more. I love it.

This cute metal basket was $1.00. I don't think it is vintage - but who cares?

I bought these 2 vintage post cards. They were a quarter each. Another steal.

The one shown on the bottom of the picture above was used at one time. Here is the back. It is a mystery! I actually prefer post cards that have writing on them and were sent in the mail. They are fun to read and see the beautiful cursive handwriting. I also love that the sender didn't need to include a house number or street name - just the name of the town and the state.

I found this metal spring at the same sale where I bought the white planter. It also cost 10 cents. Not sure what it was previously used for. I am going to use it to hold pictures and post cards for a unique display.

I also bought this to add to my collection of vintage school stuff. Do you remember these? Doubt teachers still use these anymore as many schools now have white boards.

Not sure it is very old, but I bought it anyway as I like stuff like that. I tried it out on my kitchen chalkboard.

Still much more on my list to share next time!


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  1. Wow! What a haul! Can't wait to see more. One of my teaching friends just retired and she gave me her chalk holder for straight lines. (what is that thing called?) She brought it into our staff room to see if anyone knew what it was - not many did. So I have it crammed in a cupboard in my classroom. I should bring it home to use on our chalkboards here!

  2. What great finds and great prices, too! I especially love the chalk holder (brings back memories) and the Guess Who card! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, too!


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