Thursday, September 27, 2012


I've been selling a lot of things on ebay recently. My husband and I do the selling together and we go through phases - on again, off again. We are "on again" right now to bring in some extra money for the family and to scale back a bit. People who know me often wonder what I do with all of the stuff that I bring home from yard saleing. I guess they assume my house is cluttered and busting at the seams. Although I do have a lot of collectibles out on display, what keeps my house from getting over-run is I sell a lot of what I buy. I often bring something home and put it out on display for a bit and enjoy it. When I get tired of it or I need a change I sell it to someone else who loves vintage. Sometimes I have a yard sale. Sometimes I sell at a local antique flea market. Sometimes I ebay. I'm not a full-fledged picker yet. Mostly I just buy what I like, enjoy it and then recycle it.

Today I thought I would show you some of the things that we're selling on ebay right now.

Not sure how much this book will sell for, but I have high hopes for it. I found it at an estate sale and bought it because of the author - L. Frank Baum (writer of The Wizard of Oz). I'm not a knowledgeable bookseller or anything - I just know that sometimes old books can be worth something. I didn't pay much for it. I've been holding on to it for several months and have finally listed it on ebay for sale. I knew it had to be something good when shortly after listing it a person private messaged us and asked us to sell it to him as a "buy it now". If you ebay you know that people do this so that they can buy an item without having to participate in the auction. I think they think they can buy it for cheaper that way. We told him no. He may end up buying it for less that he offered - or not. That is the thrill (and risk) of an online auction for both buyer and seller.


This next item was sitting out in my garbage just 2 nights ago. I've had it for awhile, was going to paint it, use it, whatever. Well I got tired of looking at it sitting there unfinished and I put it out for the trash. Have you ever done that? Got sick of something and just gave up on it? Well Hubby decided he would list it on ebay. Good for him that he did. It currently has had 52 people look at it and already has a bid. He is more adventurous than me when it comes to selling and I love that. It was bought at an old barn sale a few years back.


As a collector and lover of pottery I often buy more of it than I can display. It is usually pretty inexpensive to buy so I rarely walk away from a vintage planter or vase. These two kitty planters are moving on to new homes. At a yard sale I would only expect to get a $1 for them. On ebay I am hoping to get a little bit more.

Royal Copely Siamese Cat

McCoy Cat playing with a ball

Hubby found these at a yard sale and scooped them right up. They already have a bid. Edgewater Steel was located in our hometown and is no longer in business. They aren't that old, but since the company is no longer around they have some value to people who collect advertising, local history or maybe a former employee.

I am having fun selling on ebay right now. These auctions won't close until Sunday. Until then I will enjoy watching them each day to see if they have any bids. It is my type of entertainment. If you are interested in watching too - our ebay seller name is kayteejane.

Have a great day!

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