Friday, September 21, 2012


I've been having fun taking pictures with Instagram from my phone. Do you Instagram? I like how it makes the pictures look old or at least it gives them an interesting affect. 

Here are some pictures of my most recent vintage finds.

I found these Pyrex refrigerator jars at a Salvation Army thrift store.

This is a new pattern for my collection. It is called "Early American" and was manufactured in the 1960's. These 2 pieces didn't have any lids with them, but I still bought them anyway. They were $3.99 each. What sold me was this kitty cat. And since I was buying the little jar I just couldn't leave the larger one behind on it's own. (I know, I am weird)

I found this "Skipper" brand soda pop wooden crate at a yard sale this past weekend. It was $3. I buy anything that I see that is "Skipper" beverages - as long as it is reasonable - because my husband's nickname growing up was "Skip" or "Skipper". They were made in Pittsburgh too, which is also part of the appeal for me.

This crate fits perfectly inside this old piece of furniture that holds my old TV. I'm probably the last person on the planet who doesn't own a flat screen yet. If you have been following my blog for a while you may remember that this "dresser" or whatever it is, was found in someone's garbage. It is perfect for holding a TV because the people who owned it before me took out the doors on the front so that it could hold electronic equipment. This crate may be used to hold DVD's. Not sure yet.

I also found another tin picnic basket to add to my tower of baskets. It is the yellow one in the middle. It was only $1. I love when I find these and they are cheap.

Tomorrow I'm hosting a yard sale at my house. I'm parting with some stuff that I don't want any more. You just have to do that from time to time when you collect like I do - or you WILL be on the show Hoarders one day.

Happy treasuring hunting this weekend!

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