Thursday, July 18, 2013

Button Boxes

I love old buttons. I use them in many craft projects as embellishment. I look for them all the time at yard sales/estate sales and will buy them if affordable. Usually I find them in a jar or a bag - all for one price. Recently I lucked out and found these boxes filled with buttons. 

This triangle-shaped box shown below drew my eye instantly and I just had to buy it. It is filled with several beautiful red and green buttons. Vintage red buttons are my favorite. The box intrigued me because I recently bought another one like it that was green and the clear lid had a ballerina on it (much like the rose in the box above). I asked the lady selling this box if she knew anything about these. She told me that these triangle boxes were used to store ladies hankerchiefs. I love that! I have a large collection of hankies and I can see how great this box would be to store/display them on top of a dresser. The clear top would show off some of the lovely designs on the hankies. I think I will actually use this box for that purpose. I will have to show pictures when I get around to that. I also love the red & white marbling on the side of the box. I am a softie for red and white.

I love when I find things from the past that give us a glimpse of life in a specific era. A time when ladies used cloth hankies, embroidered them, cherished them, and displayed them on their dresser. Ladies after my own heart.


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  1. What a wonderful little box! I have my grandmothers buttons. She just saved everything! Will you show us when you put your hankies inside?

  2. Oh my oh my!! Vintage buttons are so fun to find! Love the box too!

  3. I don't think its possible to take a bad photo of beautiful and colorful vintage buttons, especially in amazing boxes like those! What an amazing double score.


  4. i can't believe how many of the same interests we share in common. I love the button boxes found.


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