Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Retail Therapy

I have been engaging in quite a bit of {vintage} retail therapy these days. This may or may not be a good thing, but it sure does feel good when it is happening. The up side is that most of this stuff was purchased for far less than new retail - so of course I can justify buying it in that case right?

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment which just happened to be located right next to a St. Vincent de Paul store {oh how convenient!}. So after my appointment I decided to reward myself with a stop there - just in case there was any Pyrex to be found. I lucked out! I walked out with 6 pieces of Pyrex plus some other stuff.
Here is my cart while wheeling through the store looking for treasures:

 Once home and washed up:

I can't believe my fortune at finding an almost complete Butterprint "fridgie" set. I have all of the pieces now except for the lid to the loaf-shaped one. I also bought some Butterfly Gold fridgies. This isn't one of my favorite patterns but I really like the small ones. I was able to find 2. Because I bought those I didn't want to leave the loaf-shaped piece behind. I don't know why I do this - as if the item has feelings or something - but at $1.99 I figured I would buy it and either gift it to someone or use it in some way.

Speaking of "fridgies" I have been using the small ones as bowls. I have a lot of them without lids. I do use these with lids to store leftovers, but I find that they make such a nice sized bowl and so cute too!

I also found some more milk glass. I think I have a problem when it comes to this stuff. I already had the bowl shown to the right. I use it to hold fruit. When I saw the mate I decided I just had to get it. The metal tray in the background was also found at this same trip. It was 59 cents.

Here is a picture showing a corner of my kitchen where most of this stuff sits ready to be used. I do use everything that I find. If I don't it goes. Period.

I also found this. If you have followed my blog for awhile you may have seen my pictures of another of these vases in pink that I received for Valentine's one year. There were two of these in white on the shelf. I bought them both! One is to keep and one to sell on etsy.

To top this day off Hubby found these two bowls at a church sale that he stopped at on his way home from work. What a coincidence! I didn't already have these two. I prefer this style of bowl to the princess style. I already used these for serving last night's dinner.

More finds from the same church purchased earlier:

Lastly I found this "fairy light" a few weeks back at a Salvation Army store. I have been casually looking for one for a short time. My mom had some of these when I was growing up with an owl face. Not sure what happened to them. Recently I saw people on Instagram post pictures of their fairy lights. I was inspired to try and find one for myself. I was super excited when I found this one.

 It looks so nice when lit. 

I hope you don't think of me as a hoarder! I promise you that I am keeping things in control!

Thanks for stopping today! I appreciate all of you for visiting!


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  1. My husband found the two larger Butterprint refrigerator dishes at a SVDP once and I went back two days later and found the two smaller ones! I love the white refrigerator dishes. Didn't realize they existed and am now on the hunt:-)


  2. Oh my how lucky! I never find pyrex at thrifts..wish I did. I am hoping to find some amish print aqua..wish me luck!

  3. HA... I just bought the milk glass compote that is on the LEFT in your picture and was thinking I wish instead I had the one like you on the right... so I could use it as a fruit bowl! Grapes pattern my least favorite but I didn't have a piece like this yet. So up on the top shelf of my hutch it has gone... like I said, the grapes not my fav! Great finds - I have found almost all my milk glass at church sales, a couple pieces at estate sales and at Goodwill... Nothing! We don't have as many thrifts around my area but do have a mini antique/thrift mall and the prices there are pretty good. GADawn57


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