Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Today I want to show you some awesome gifts that were given to me recently from friends.

Alexis gave me this Horizon Blue divided casserole. It is my first piece of Pyrex with an opal lid. Isn't it pretty? I love the turquoise bottom too.


Frannie (who also collects Pyrex) was generous enough to give me this!

It was a duplicate  in her collection. How awesome is that! I have been wanting the Hot Air Balloon Chip & Dip set for years now. I only saw it for sale in person once at an antique mall and didn't buy it because at the time money was tight and I didn't have the funds. Now I am half way to havng a set of my own.

I love both of these treasures and when I use them I will think of the lovely ladies who gave them to me.


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  1. Lucky to have such nice friends & lucky to have such great pieces to add to your collection! I'm halfway to my balloon chip & dip as well - need the smaller one.

  2. Friends who gift Pyrex are some of the best friends to have!



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