Friday, August 16, 2013

Recent Finds

Here are few of my most recent vintage finds.

A set of vintage metal trays. I love these trays so much and when I see them I buy them. Great for fall. Found at a Habitat for Humanity Store.

Vintage "Cookie" Jar. Hubby found this at a yard sale. I love it so much. It is shaped like a coffee pot. It originally had a black lid with a fake percolator. I have decided to use it for utensils right now.

Pyrex Verde Set. Found in the original box from 1972 in someone's garage.

I've been finding pieces of Pyrex to complete sets. I almost have a complete primary "fridgie" set. The blue piece was just purchased at an antique mall in Virginia. I don't have the lid yet.

I am also working on completing my New Dots set. I found the yellow dots at an antique mall in West Virginia. Now all I need is the green dots to complete the set.

I could go to ebay and just buy the green bowl or any of the other missing pieces that I am looking for - but truthfully I enjoy the hunt as much as I enjoy owning these things. When I find a piece I have been searching for - either at a yard sale or thrift store - it is quite a rush!


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  1. Want the trays! Seriously. I'm heading to the airport right now to come get those trays from you. I have no idea what I would do with them but I want them. (okay - truthfully - I picture having friends over and drinking hot cider with plaid blankets and....I better stop now before I embarrass myself anymore)

  2. How do you stack your Pyrex bowl like that? Do they have lids that they are sitting on?

  3. Heather - I use plastic food containers between the bowls to stack them like that. I plan on posting about it with pictures. Stay tuned!

  4. Those trays are perfect for Fall! I found a bowl at a sale a few weeks ago that completed one of my Pyrex sets. I totally agree with you about the rush!



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