Monday, August 19, 2013

Stacking Your Pyrex

If you are a Pyrex collector you will probably already know about this little secret - how to display your Pyrex bowls so that all the bowls are showing. If not, here is the how to. I actually received a few emails from readers asking how I stacked my bowls for display so I am so happy to show that. Truth be told I had to google how to do it myself. I was visiting a lot of blogs about Pyrex collecting and seeing all the bowls stacked so beautifully. I wondered, is that styrofoam in there? What is keeping the bowls standing? Luckily I found a few blogs that explained it for me.

You will need to buy some plastic food containers. Since I was just using these for display I went with the cheapest possible - the dollar store. I was able to buy a pack of 3/$1.00 and smaller ones for 4/$1.00. You will need 3 containers for a 4 piece set {in other words one less container for the amount of bowls in your set} - you may also need to experiment with the sizes of the containers for the best display. The bigger the bowls the larger the container and so forth.

In the largest bowl place your container in the center. I chose to put mine open side up.
I think this way holds the bowl more securely because it sits inside the container instead of on top of it.

Keep adding to create your tower of bowls. I found that I had to use a smaller sized container on the last layer {when I was displaying the smallest size bowl}.
Viola! A beautiful display!
These bowls are just too pretty to be hiding away in a cabinet!


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  1. why did i not think about using plastic! i've been using little glass plates and bowls for stacking... you're brilliant! :-) thanks for the tip!

  2. Love this! Thanks for sharing!! ;) xo Heather

  3. beautiful idea haven't thought of displaying thank you so much.

  4. So glad that you shared this idea! I love how it makes my Pyrex bowls look! I also used a small dab of Silly Putty on each side of the bowl bases (where they sit on the plastic bowls), to keep them from slipping around. Sounds weird, but it works! I use Silly Putty for all kinds of things! :) Thanks for this display tip!

    1. Forgot about silly putty!
      Brings back memories.
      Great usage tip also, Thanks!

  5. Very helpful! And makes bowls so much more beautiful since size and colors can be appreciated! Thanks for


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